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Long term cargo van rentals in Croatia

The advantages and benefits of long-term cargo van rentals

Long term cargo vans rental (BUSINESS CAR LEASE) is the optimal solution for the expansion of the fleet for the normal year-round business, and especially for the sudden increase in business activity. This solution proved to be very rewarding for companies engaged in services related to tourism.

Long term rentals of cargo vans covers the flexible leasing with minimum duration of one month.

Long term cargo van rentals for companies in Croatia


The only obligation of the client:

monthly pay for the use of service


Why choose long term cargo van rentals?

you do not have to buy vehicles

you do not need to register the vehicle

you do not have to do technical inspection of vehicles

no mandatory and hull insurance costs

you do not pay tax on road vehicles

no regular service costs

included support in the event of failure or accident

replacement vehicle included


Other advantages of long-term rental of cargo vans

the cost of long-term lease is one of the costs for which you are entitled to a tax refund

simple administration

vehicle does not lose value

no depreciation expenses

the possibility of replacing the vehicle

additional services such as, a chauffeur service on request


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